• Program Basics
  • Main Data
  • Stage Data
  • Lateral Analysis
  • Photo Analysis
  • Frontal Analysis
  • Arch Analysis
  • Articulator
  • Simulation
  • Statistics
  • Conclusions

Tiops4 User Guide

These guidelines are intended to help you make the most efficient use of the TIOPS program. The program is designed to facilitate morphological analysis of an individual digital headfilm as well as growth and treatment analysis of serial headfilms. A lateral facial Photo can be integrated with the Cephalometric headfilm.

Occlusograms from digital pictures can be fitted to the cephalometric tracings.

It also permits the clinician to develop simulations of facial growth, conventional orthodontic treatment and treatment combining orthodontics and orthognathic surgery.

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Jens Bjoern-Joergensen, DDS, TIOPS ApS, Roskilde, Denmark

Ib Leth Nielsen, DDS, Division of Orthodontics, University of California, San Francisco

Program Basics Item Actualized
Installation and Setup Latest update 2013/03
File Structure Latest update 2011/12
Program Workspace Map Latest update 2011/12
Repositioning Images in the Image Windows Latest update 2011/12
Moving around in the Data Input Panel Latest update 2011/12
Environment Options  
Managing Digital Image Files Latest update 2013/02
File Import/Export  
Main Data Item Actualized
Entering a New Patient Latest update 2011/12
Stage Data Item Actualized
Entering a New Stage Latest update 2013/03
Stage Types Latest update 2013/03
Lateral Analysis Item Actualized
Adding a Lateral Headfilm Analysis Latest update 2013/12
Photo Analysis Item Actualized
Photo Superimposing Guide Latest update 2012/11
Frontal Analysis Item Actualized
Frontal Analysis Guidelines Latest update 2012/11
Arch Analysis Item Actualized
Adding an Arch Analysis Latest update 2019/04
Articulator Item Actualized
Protocol for Orthognathic Surgery Planning Latest update 2013/11
Measurements Form for Orthognathic Surgery Planning Latest update 2013/11


Simulation Item Actualized
Simulation Guide Part 1 Latest update 2012/11
Statistics Item Actualized
Statistics Quick Guide Latest update 2012/11