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TIOPS - Total Interactive Orthodontic Planning System

The Tiops program integrates the cephalometric Xray analysis with the facial photo

Tiops5 is the latest edition of the TIOPS Program Series. The program is designed for cephalometric analysis and intended to aid the clinician in developing individual treatment plans. Tiops5 also allows analysis of treatment outcome with dental changes in all three dimensions with occlusogram analysis.

The TIOPS program has been developed in collaboration with the late Professor Arne Björk and is in part based on his research findings.

Tiops5 includes features not found in other similar programs that will facilitate your daily diagnosis and treatment planning. Based on the initial cephalometric morphologic analysis individualized simulations can be developed, for both conventional orthodontic treatment and surgical correction that are a great help in visualizing possible treatment outcomes.

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  • Jens Bjoern-Joergensen, DDS, MSc in Orthodontics &
  • The Tiops5 Program is not functioning under Windows 10

Tiops Program Downloads

The Tiops4 program has now reached its final stage and there are no known program errors at this time, although small improvements will still be made. These updates are available at no charge to all users.

Tiops4 Update version 3.5.26 Update notes 2019/03
Tiops4 3.4.0 Features Latest Update 2012/09
OpenGL Extensions Viewer 3.0 Latest update 2010/12

Tiops5 Program Types

According to the EU GDPR 2018, the SAFE version can only be initiated from within a code protected administration program, whereas The CODE version only can be started using a personal code. In the PLAIN version of the program there is no such protection.

T5_Safe Update Update notes 2019/04
T5_Code Update Update notes 2019/04
T5_Plain Update Update notes 2019/04
Digital X-Ray Problems Latest update 2017/01
Digital X-Ray Problems Correction List Latest update 2023/04

Tiops Documentation Files

Cephalometric Growth Analysis by Professor Arne Bjork

The original handout for the Post Graduate Education in Copenhagen in the 1970's

Latest update 2010/12

What you may have forgotten about Cephalometrics I Latest update 2007/07
What you may have forgotten about Cephalometrics II Latest update 2009/12
What you may have forgotten about Cephalometrics III Latest update 2010/12
Do We Really Know where the Molar Teeth ... Latest update 2019/01
Cephalometric Analysis .... with the Structural Technique Latest update 2019/01
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Latest update 2019/03
A Comparison of Two TAD Techniques .... Latest update 2019/01
A Comprehensive Diagnostic System for Orthodontists .... Latest update 2020/02
Factors Affecting Mandibular Growth and Displacement .... Latest update 2022/08
Cephalometric Analysis: History and Clinical Application Latest update 2022/11
Transverse Malocclusions: Etiology, Development .... Latest update 2023/04

Some thoughts about Matrix and Intra Matrix Rotation ... Latest update 2011/11
Some thoughts about Cephalometric Analysis Variables ... Latest update 2012/09
Some thoughts about including Occlusograms ... Latest update 2019/04
Cephalometric Analysis Variables - Calculation example ... Latest update 2012/09
Tiops Simulation Guide - Orthodontics Latest update 2015/01
Superimposition of Serial Headfilms Latest update 2015/01
Photo Superimposing Guide Latest update 2013/04
Landmark Reference Latest update 2013/04
10 Keys To Tiops4 Latest update 2013/02
Protocol for Orthognathic Surgery Planning Latest update 2013/06
Measurements Form for Orthognathic Surgery Planning Latest update 2013/10
TW2 Latest update 2011/10